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Malapascua Budget Inn

5 Min. Walk

Ideally located near the public market and bounty beach and from Malapascua Island Port
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New Backpacking Hostel

Our room accommodations are designed for backpackers and travelers looking for convenience at a very affordable price.
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Meet new people with the same passion from around the world. Be a part of our vibrant community by visiting and staying with us.
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Diving with Devocean Divers

Scuba diving is all about fun and enjoying new and exciting experiences.
With every plunge you make into the water you could have the best dive of your life ahead.

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Anything can happen in the ocean. Devocean Divers offer up to 4 dives per day, from the early morning Thresher Shark Dive on the famous Monad Shoal Point, to the unique mating of the mandarin fish during a sunset dive, you can experience a wide variety of diving activities around Malapascua or during daytrips to further islands. Devocean Divers offers a quality experience, with knowledgeable diveguides and spacious boats. Safety is always the first concern so Devocean Divers has chosen to limit the amount of divers per divemaster.

Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is popular with its long stretch of white beach called bounty beach, dive sites where a regular sightings of thresher sharks in Monad Shoal, known for its long dorsal tail, manta rays which is one of known extinct living animal in the sea, long stretch or coral garden which you can see different kinds of marine life. There are known activities in the island not just for deep divers but for travelers as well. A banka trip around the island to do some snorkeling and free-diving in the coral sanctuary called "Coral Garden", beach bummers can stay at the long stretch of fine sand the Bounty Beach.
  • Thresher sharks

    Monad Shoal
  • Long stretch of fine sand

    Bounty Beach
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Room Accommodation

Our room accommodations are designed for backpackers and travelers looking for convenience at a very affordable price.

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Fewer crowds means more privacy, so we offer a dorm room type that best suit to any backpackers who wants extra bits of alone time or not ready to meet lots of people all at once.

This dormitory provides 4 comfortable bunk beds, fully equipped with their own bed light, curtain and a personal locker. Bathrooms are shared and Wi-Fi connection is available in the chill-out area.

Malapascua blog

All the inspiration you need for your next vacation.

Meet new friends

Meet new friends with the same passion from around the world. We’d like to invite all of you to be a part of this great community by visiting and staying in and chill.

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