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Scuba diving is all about fun and enjoying new and exciting experiences. With every plunge you make into the water you could have the best dive of your life ahead. Anything can happen in the ocean.

Devocean Divers offer up to 4 dives per day, from the early morning Thresher Shark Dive on the famous Monad Shoal Point, to the unique mating of the mandarin fish during a sunset dive, you can experience a wide variety of diving activities around Malapascua or during daytrips to further islands.

Devocean Divers offers a quality experience, with knowledgeable diveguides and spacious boats. Safety is always the first concern so Devocean Divers has chosen to limit the amount of divers per divemaster.


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5 Dives with

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We offer 4 weeks of extensive program and
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You can be a PADI Instructor with DEVOCEAN divers and join
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Daytrips go every day

We offer two dives in these destinations.

Gato Island is famous for the mixture of macro life, nudibranches, seahorses and the white tip sharks which
can be seen around the cave;

Kalangaman will allow you beautiful coral walls and the sighting of the sand bank during the surface interval.
A BBQ will be prepared and you can choose to
sign up for it or pack your own picnic;

Capitancillo will offer the experience of an abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the most beautiful corals.

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Meet new friends

Meet new friends with the same passion from around the world. We’d like to invite all of you to be a part of this great community by visiting and staying in and chill.

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