Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is known to be one of the best islands in the Philippines which is situated in the Visayas Sea northern tip of Cebu Province.

The island is also known for its official barangay name as "Logon", a part of the Municipality of Daanbantayan. Malapascua is known to be a spanish given name which means "Bad Christmas" due to some misfortunate event on Christmas day when the Spaniards docked on the island.

Malapascua Island is popular with its long stretch of white beach called bounty beach, dive sites where a regular sightings of thresher sharks in Monad Shoal, known for its long dorsal tail, manta rays which is one of known extinct living animal in the sea, long stretch or coral garden which you can see different kinds of marine life. There are known activities in the island not just for deep divers but for travelers as well. A banka trip around the island to do some snorkeling and free-diving in the coral sanctuary called "Coral Garden", beach bummers can stay at the long stretch of fine sand the Bounty Beach. On the other side of the island, you can do cliff diving and fishing. One possible destination is Kalanggaman Island, which is already part of Leyte and known for its sandbar and a feeling of virgin paradise.

The development of the island has increased for the past year for its know reputation to be one of the best diving spot in the Philippines. Still, Malapascua remains a beautiful island, as yet unspoiled by tourism, with white sandy beaches, lush green palm trees and surrounded by crystal clear blue waters.

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How to get to Malapascua Island


Best way to get to Malapascua Island is by getting a plane bound for Mactan International Airport located in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu. From the airport, you may take a taxi for 20 minutes ride going to North Bus Terminal, depending on the flow of the traffic, it may take additional 10 minutes longer or more.
TIP: If you travel overnight or if you happen reach Mactan International Airport on a mid-day, it is advisable to book a hotel within the city or near the North Bus Terminal area for convenience. It is best to start travelling going to Maya port by 4am if you want to see the sun rise along the road or when you get to Malapascua.



From Maya Port you have two options to get to the main island of Malapascua. First is thru a public boat that costs you only Php100 plus small boat and porter fees at both ends plus additional Php20 for the small boat to bring you to the shore. You have to wait though until the boat is full or at least they will get a minimum of passengers before the boat driver decides to leave. It is important to be in Maya port before 5pm or else you will have no other option other than to hire a private boat. Private boat is the second alternative option to get to Malapascua Island. Price ranges from Php2,000-2,500 that usually depends on the time of the day. Both public and private boat takes 30 minutes ride to reach Malapascua Island.

Last and the most convenient way to get to Malapascua Island, although it is much pricey compared to the initial options given is to arrange a pick up transport from Mactan Airport or from your hotel in Cebu City going straight to Malapascua Island thru a private car and a private boat (booked in advance by your agent). Price each way will costs you for about Php4,500-5,000 depending on the number of people booked.


From North Bus Terminal, you have few options to choose from going to Maya port:

Bus – you may ride an ordinary bus or non-air conditioning bus which is cheaper than with air conditioning bus. Price ranges from Php200-220 with 3-4 hours ride.

Taxi – it takes only 2 and a half hour to 3 hours ride going to Maya Port with prices range from Php3,500 – 5,000.

Van – also known as V-Hire, an air-conditioned vehicle that will take you roughly 3hours to Maya port with a fare for only Php200.00.

TIP: Put your electronic gadgets on a dry bag when travelling by sea just to be safe.

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