Malapascua Island Activities

Activities you can do in the island.

Malapascua Island Activities


It is no doubt that Malapascua Island offers great beaches for swimming. Come, see for yourself and enjoy the stretch of white sand beaches, crystal clear warm waters that’s usually calm and relaxing. Bounty beach is the most well-known beach in Malapascua Island, however you may want to try swimming in a more remote and private area just by the other side of the island.


Experience snorkeling in Malapascua where you’ll encounter diverse marine life. A great place to do snorkeling is in the Coral Garden located on the east part of the island. Another spot for this activity is on the area where the ship wreck is, that will be found on the opposite side of the island.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is what Malapascua island initially got known for. The island is one of the best dive sites in the Philippines because of the frequent siting of Thresher sharks and sometimes Manta rays along with other unique aquatic animals.

Free Dive

If you’re into free diving, Malapascua island also offers you the opportunity to explore it with this kind of recreation. Diving schools and shops in the island caters not just scuba diving but free diving as well. There are several spots in the island that you can practice on with the provision of a professional free diver or instructor.

Cliff Diving

There are several cliff diving spots in Malapascua but you will find the most famous cliff diving spot on the northern part of its island. You may reach the place just by walking or riding on a habal-habal going to Guimbitayan. Great view also awaits as you arrive on the tip or highest point of the area.

Island Hopping

When you’re up for a great adventure, don’t miss the island hopping. Take a dip, dive and swim while going from one island to another. Each and every island offers different ambiance and marine life encounters. These particular islands you can visit are:
Kalanggaman Island – it is actually part of Palompon, Leyte but thanks to its close proximity from Malapascua, an island hopping tour will do for you to enjoy the great white sand beach and amazing view of one of the most beautiful beaches considered in Leyte.
Gato Island – This mountain-shaped island made of limestone may not have a shore, but somehow it creates a perfect sanctuary for different rarely seen aquatic creatures such as white tip sharks, bamboo sharks and cat sharks. You’ll never know what else you could find there.
Monad Shoal – It has been known that it is the only place in the world where Thresher sharks can be found and seen regularly, thus making the Island the number one dive site in Malapascua. To take a glimpse of the famous Thresher sharks, is quite a challenge that you’ll have to go down for 98 feet deep, allowing only advanced divers to see them.

Local Disco

The best way to have a fun-filled vacation is to live and be like the locals. Let yourself be taken by the beat and dance with the locals like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re too shy to groove with them, it is still so much fun to watch some tourists, mostly foreigners dancing on freestyle with the locals.

Karaoke Nights

A great part of our Filipino culture is singing. A karaoke night is another way to enjoy and celebrate your vacation. Basically, it is like a singing and drinking contest at the same time in pub or resto-bar during the night. Every group orders their own drinks and food while everybody takes turn with one microphone once their selected songs on queue finally play. No judgment! You may sing ‘til your heart’s content. Everybody is welcome to show their singing talents, even for those who don’t have the talent. Cliché as it is that practice makes it perfect. A friendly advice though, start and try singing when the alcohol starts kicking into your system, by then you’ll have more confidence singing with the crowd especially if you don’t have the voice, that’s when the fun begins.

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